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Full service support for your UK ambitions

UK NHS Gap Analysis

Our Gap Analysis service connects you with patients and clinical staff to review your solution against UK conditions and requirements.

In the UK a new national baseline criteria called the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) has been developed for digital health technologies looking to access NHS and social care. It is designed to be used by NHS suppliers to build technology and healthcare organisations to buy technologies that meet minimum baseline standards. Our Gap Analysis will assess your solution against the standards and provide an action plan in order to meet them.

Compliance and Regulation

We assess your solution vs the NHS evidence standards framework for digital health technologies. This includes helping you achieve Clinical Safety, Data Protection and Security, Interoperability, Usability and Accessibility.

We guide you through the regulatory and compliance necessities, including DTAC, Safety (DCB0129, DCB0160), Penetration Testing, NHS DSPT, Cyber Essentials, Data Privacy Impact, Accessibility, Adoption, WCAG, EHR, EMR, EPR, GP Practice connectivity.

Health Economics

Health economics is a key driver when making changes to existing care pathways. Models should consider how digital solutions use resources more efficiently to improve the population's health. Health economic analysis and evaluation forms an integral part of the public health guidance development process.

Our Health Economic Modelling Service provides digital health technology providers with an economic model that can be used to demonstrate the potential benefits of the solution over an above the existing UK care pathway.

UK NHS Care Pathway Mapping

We provide support for digital health technology providers looking to take their first steps in to the UK market. HealthTech innovators will need to fully immerse themselves in the UK care pathways they are looking to compliment / improve in terms of costs and quality of care.

Adoption of new health technologies is often very complex. The introduction of new solutions into existing UK care pathways needs to consider potential changes to staffing, organisational change, training, budget allocation, etc. Whilst existing care pathways may benefit from the addition of technology, providing opportunities for cost savings and more efficient processes to be adopted, as well as potentially leading to better quality of care, this needs careful consideration.

Our service will help you map the current pathway in order to understand what happens, where it happens and who is involved. This baseline enables digital health technology providers to establish what changes need to be made to best integrate the solution into the pathway as well as reviewing economic factors such as cost consequence / cost benefit analysis.

Real World Evidence

Real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) are playing an increasing role in health care decisions.

Real-world evidence is the clinical evidence regarding the usage and potential benefits or risks of a clinical product derived from analysis of Real World Data.

We help facilitate access to real world healthcare providers.

Strategic Support

We connect you with key opinion and thought leaders, experienced HealthTech executives, coaching, finance advice and high-level commissioning to help you succeed with your UK market ambitions.